The Mission

mission2.jpgAMS was scheduled to fly aboard the STS-134 mission on board the Space Shuttle Endeavour. The mission was the 134th shuttle flight, the 25th mission of the Endeavour. It was also the 36 mission to the International Space Station, the Endeavour's last flight and the penultimate flight of the Space Shuttle Programm. The mission lasted 14 days and consisted of the installation of the AMS-02 experiment as well as the ExPRESS Logistics Carrier 3, the shuttles second payload.

A total of four extra-vehicular activities (EVAs) were performed, the last EVAs of the shuttle programme.

The crew for STS-134 consisted of:

  • Mark Kelly, Commander
  • Gregory H. Johnson, Pilot
  • Michael Fincke (US), Mission Specialist
  • Greg Chamitoff (US), Mission Specialist
  • Andrew Feustel (US), Mission Specialist
  • Roberto Vittori (ESA/Italy), Mission Specialist



The Flight

start.jpgshuttle_0.jpgAfter a first launch attempt on 29 April 2011 was scrubbed because of problems with two heaters in one of the obiter's auxillary power units (APU), a new launch date was set for 16 May 2011.

Having worked on the experiment for eleven years, members of the AMS Collaboration came to Cape Canaveral from all over the world in order to witness the lauch of their experiment into space.

At 08:56:28 EDT, the Space Shuttle Endeavor successully launched towards the ISS.


The Installation

installiert.jpguebergabe_0.jpgshuttlearm_0.jpgThe Space Shuttle Endeavour successfully docked with the ISS on day 3. This day was also spent installing the ExPRESS Logistics Carrier 3 onto the ISS.

On day 4 AMS-02 was finally installed on its designated place on the ISS, the Payload Attach Point on the S3 struss. This installation marked the completion of the International Space Station.

The shuttle arm (Canadarm) removed the experiment from the payload bay. From there it was handed of to the ISS' own Canadarm2, which then installed AMS-02 on the ISS. The installation was completed at 9:46 UTC. Pictures of the installation process and the installed experiment can be seen to the above.

First Events

As soon as AMS-02 was securely installed, the experiment was powered up. Immediatly thereafter the first events were recorded, two of which can be seen below.

event1.jpg event2.jpg